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RockNRG Consulting

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Let us help you establish a network of collaboration with other operators, service companies, and affiliates to leverage standards and technologies that will enable you to accomplish your vision, strategy, and road map for your digital transformation. The OSDU data platform is positioned to help businesses scale, modernize, reduce costs and ultimately be more sustainable.

Executive Coaching & Consulting

Helping companies optimize end-to-end workflows to maximize business value.

Main Services

Modernizing Key Business Workflows
RockNRG works with energy companies to develop strategies for modernizing key business workflows with industry leading standards and technologies.
Establish Vision, Strategy, and Roadmaps
We coach executives on a vision for their organizations that will help them align on transformative strategies and build collaborative roadmaps.
Maximize Business Value
RockNRG helps companies optimize their end-to-end workflows to maximize business value, and help lead key workflow value discovery workshops for modernization efforts.


Oil & Gas
Low Carbon Solutions
Minerals & Mining
Alternative Energy


Executive Coaching, strategy & governance workshops. Influence industry service providers, operators, and vendors on behalf of clients. Develop and deliver sustainable solutions.
Business workflow value discovery for modernization efforts. Modernize workflows for the cloud leveraging industry standards with trusted data. Organize external and internal collaboration.
AI & ML Solutions to Optimize wokflows and Processes. Modernize workflows for the cloud leveraging industry standards with trusted data. Use AI and ML solutions to streamline workflows.